A u t o f o c a l G l a s s e s

E l c y o G l a s s e s


by controlling focal length

​Under development of Elcyo glasses

Elcyo glasses is an autofocal glasses that realizes a far wider power range (±6.0 D or more) than ever before and a field of view close to the entire area of vision (Φ30 to 50 mm).

Aiming to provide this glasses as the most optimized solution for the early treatment of amblyopia with unstable vision, we also offer a convenient and simple focus tuning function suitable for those who use a monofocal intraocular lens for cataract or who have presbyopia with poor focus. 

​We started the activity to commercialize tunable glasses by utilizing the designing and manufacturing technology of an innovative large-aperture liquid crystal lens (LC lens) whose power can be freely changed.

Role of Elcyo

​We will provide the products that are truly needed.

​By our solid technology and collaboration with strong partner companies,

We have been advancing the development of our products every day.

Design & Development

​Precise designing of liquid crystal lens by lens modeling and simulation

IP Strategy

Thorough analysis of prior applications and strategic planning by IP  team, 

Transition to overseas

Performance ​Evaluation

Evaluation of lens quality manufactured by outsourcing and feedback to design

Domestic & International sales

Aiming to B to C sales, distribution and expansion of sales channels by partner companies 

Technology of LC lens



insulating layer

HR layer

Alignment film

LC layer

Alignment film



Proof-of-concept study of the LC lens

at Osaka University

A Fresnel potential distribution was achieved by forming comb-shaped parallel electrodes of unit structure in multiple stages.

We have realized a Fresnel type LC lens by arranging the comb-shaped electrodes on concentric circles.

​Patent: No. 6414998 (JP), W2018/016390 A1

Report: 2017 SPIE Photonics West 10125-31

​                        2017 JSAP Autumn Meeting 8a-c17-11



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